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Worldwide royalties collection

"Make sure your music is properly tracked, monitored and generates money".

Your music can generate more money than you may have realized. Without a music publishing administration deal, you are sure to miss out on mechanical royalties from online sales in territories outside the U.S, as well as mechanicals for worldwide streaming, for example. If these royalties stay uncollected, they may disappear. These are royalties that your performing rights organization cannot collect for you. We can. Every time your music is played on the radio, streamed online (including Spotify), purchased in worldwide online stores, or performed in a live venue; you are owed additional royalties beyond traditional ASCAP/BMI/SESAC monies. As your music publishing administrator, Flux Publishing will collect those monies for you thanks to our close partnership with Sony/ATV and their extensive ability to monitor song activity and maximize returns.

«Get help crafting and polishing the best possible tracks for worldwide impact through our vertically-integrated resources».

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